Gaetz Place


There is a general concept in the market place about rental units and that is "build them cheap because it's only a rental"  Well that is not our philosophy.  We look at it as an investment and we are looking after our investment, and by that, we strongly believe in "Quality"

When we started planning the Gaetz Place project, quality was at the top of our priority list, and that is why Gaetz Place has received an Energuide rating of 85 with Efficiency Nova Scotia regarding the energy consumption cost for the residents that live there and all the future residents to come.

Along with the energy rating, we are providing a maintenance free lifestyle with snow removal and lawn care, as well as custom window coverings in all the units for uniformity and an eye pleasing effect.  The skylights in the vaulted ceilings are an added touch.

These units have security systems and are Tech Ready wired for any electronic device one might have, and the wireless system is all in place for computers etc.

A lot of planning went into choosing colour schemes both on the interior and exterior of the building. We came up with a blend of very soft and quiet tones which has captured the image of a nice quiet safe place to live.  We made it look like "you want to live here".

With all the property maintenance taken care of, the occupants have been free to enjoy the healthy, safe and stress-free lifestyle that this rustic and charming area of Nova Scotia's Eastern Shore provides.

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