Gaetz Place We are proud to align ourselves with partners in the construction industry that share our expectations and pride themselves on quality, value and beauty.

Most of the same contractors that worked on the Gaetz Place and The Marshes Phase I project will be returning to work on The Marshes Phase II project.

To learn more about our partners, simply click on the logo for the link to their website.




Aqua Air

Aqua Air Ventilation Systems Ltd.

We welcome a new partner, Vernon Long of Aqua Air Ventilation Systems, as we begin our latest project, The Marshes Phase II.

Eastcoast Windows

Eastcoast Window Fashions

Wayne Alders owner of Eastcoast Window Fashions, located in Head Chezzetcook, supplied custom window coverings for our Gaetz Place project and it is so nice to see the uniformity from the exterior of the building.  From the residents viewpoint, all the installation has been done before they move in, and the color scheme for the coverings works very well with the interior walls and flooring.

Wayne has been more than accommodating and very pleasurable to work with and will be working on our project at The Marshes. 

DT Alarms and Security Systems

DT. Alarms & Security Systems

Dan and Thelma Turner of DT. Alarms have done all the intrusion and network wiring in our last two projects and will be doing the security systems and Tech Ready wiring on this next project as well.

Wes Fox:  Fox Whole Plumbing  

Wes is new to us and he has done a wonderful plumbing project at "Gaetz Place" and "The Marsh Phase I".

Taylor Lumber

Taylor Lumber:  Our major supplier for all building materials.  

Jamie DeBaie has been in the building supply business for 40 years or more and is Project Coordinator at Taylor Lumber which is the largest supplier of quality building materials on "The Shore".  We have enjoyed an excellent professional relationship since 2005. Jamie' son Justin has been working under his father's direction for 3 or 4 years now and has been a part of our projects as well.


Dwayne Fredericks:  DAF Construction

Dwayne specializes in framing, roofing, and siding.  He has worked on several projects over the last few years and we have been more that pleased with his high level of quality in his workmanship and ethics.


Ben Evans:  H & H Electrical  

Ben is new to us as well, and also worked on the "Gaetz Place" project as well as "The Marshes Phase I" project. We were pleased with Ben's level of professionalism and his remarkable business ethics.


Robb Ashley:  North Star Surveying

Robb has been providing our surveying needs for the last few years.


Robb Ashley: Shore Consultants

Robb is the owner and operator and has been responsible for designing the septic systems and having them approved by the Department of The Environment.


Melvin Bonn :  MNL Excavating  

Melvin, along with Matt and Ashley, was absolutely wonderful to work with, because they have such strong knowledge of what they do, they make the job look easy.


Chris Pineo :  Pineo Home Plans  

Chris has been our home designer for five years. A very consummate professional who takes so much pride in his work and everything he does.